Meet the next generation of assessments from Mathletics.

Mathletics assessments, designed by maths educators, provide an authentic and engaging experience for students and provide teachers with the in-depth reporting they need to determine the next steps for teaching and learning.

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Assessments for students, approved by teachers. 

Each assessment question is mapped to a curriculum outcome, making them particularly useful for benchmarking, assessing student progress and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Results deliver critical insight by highlighting key concepts while suggesting recommended activities for students.

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Mathletics Assessments

Our gift to you… time.

The teacher interface dramatically reduces the time you spend managing, scoring and analysing assessments. Mathletics makes it easy to get the results you need, in the way you need them.

Schedule, analyse, diagnose and assign curriculum activities… in just a few clicks.

Differentiation, done differently.

More than just a mark, assessments can assist with…

  • Encouraging students to set individual learning goals
  • Ability grouping
  • Creating custom courses for individuals and groups of students
  • Targeting specific concepts… and so much more.
Mathletics Assessments for differentiated learning

“Being able to assess the deeper learning gaps of an entire group or class simultaneously has given us a much richer background with which to differentiate instruction. The assessments themselves are clean, clear and interactive which has significantly improved student engagement… plus the feedback is immediate and helpful. Students can now learn WHILE being assessed. It’s a win win.” – Mathletics teacher

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It all adds up…

The online assessments within Mathletics have been designed by our maths experts to specifically target New Zealand maths curriculum outcomes. Formative, summative or diagnostic, they are a powerful tool.

  • Available for each year level, with questions targeting specific curriculum outcomes.
  • Track improvement with parallel tests.
  • Give your students control over their own progress by allowing them access to tests you choose.
  • Tablet-compatible and printable, plus accessibility options for vision impairment.

Partnering to power Mathletics Assessments

Mathletics, partnering with Learnosity
Mathletics Curriculum Online Maths Assessments

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Mathletics Assessment Free Preview

Preview: NZ Maths Assessment

Coming Soon!
Mathletics Assessment Free Preview

Preview: NZ Maths Assessment

Coming Soon!
Mathletics Assessment Free Preview

Preview: NZ Maths Assessment

Coming Soon!

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