Mathletics. Made for the New Zealand Maths Curriculum

Mathletics. Made for the New Zealand curriculum.

Looking for a powerful learning resource aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum? We’ve got you covered.

Targeted, adaptive and engaging content from Year 1 through to Year 13 – designed to meet the outcomes requirements of the curriculum, with reporting to match.

No-one does curriculum like Mathletics, we’ve even won awards for it.

Mathletics National Curriculum Maths Guide for England

“Our commitment to the curriculum is second to none. At both Primary and Secondary level, our publishing team has not only created powerful and targeted core activities but interactive, video and print materials too.

Couple that with our diagnostic reporting tools and you’ve got a targeted and individualised resource that is proven to be unsurpassed in the results it produces.”

Craig Simon, CEO 3P Learning Asia-Pacific

Craig Simon, CEO 3P Learning Asia-Pacific

Targeting the curriculum…

Mathletics includes well over 1200 individual adaptive practice activities for primary and secondary students. Our team of education publishers has created courses that specifically follow NZ curriculum outcomes and requirements.

You can be assured that students have access to relevant and targeted content. Strands and outcomes of the curriculum are supported with activities, each with pre and post assessment.

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Teachers across New Zealand love teaching with Mathletics

Mathletics - designed for the NZ Maths Curriculum

“The biggest classroom impact I have noticed is that students now enjoy maths. Students who are below year level now have plenty of opportunities to develop those core basic skills in math, while my advanced students are able to excel and explore a variety of new topics.”

Mathletics Teacher

Mathletics - designed for the NZ Maths Curriculum

“Mathletics has been a great success. As educators we have found it to be an invaluable assessment and supplemental tool. It gives the students at home access for extra support and makes learning maths enjoyable. We would highly recommend Mathletics to anyone thinking of using it in their school.”

Mathletics Teacher

Mathletics - designed for the NZ Maths Curriculum

“I love the versatility. I’m able to use it to teach a lesson or a concept, then turn around and assign the students an activity relating to that concept, and then further reinforce it with an activity from the ebooks. Great for a classroom that approaches maths from a wide variety of angles.”

Mathletics Teacher

Following your own course? No problem.

Besides the many ready-made courses available that are aligned to NZ curriculum achievement standards, Mathletics also includes a great Course Creator tool. 

Creating a new course is a simple as drag and drop. Add, move or remove content from the full Mathletics library to suit your needs. Great if you want to follow your own path, or create a support or extension course. Once created, a custom course is available to every teacher in the school.

It’s Mathletics, your way. 

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