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The Mathletics Lead Educator program is an initiative to recognise and support Y1-13 educators who are innovative leaders, integrating Mathletics technologies in the classroom. Our Lead Educators are ambassadors to their community, inspiring teachers with their passion for teaching with technology.

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Mathletics Teacher Certification

Courtney Haley – Springlands School, Blenheim NZ

I began teaching in 2012 and currently have a year 1 class at Springlands School in Blenheim, NZ. Our school integrates and uses Mathletics effectively as part of our maths programmes. I enjoy using Mathletics Demonstrations as a tool not only during warm up and whole class activities, but also with guided groups. The Mathletics programme helps me to differentiate tasks for individual students so it is achievable for all. My favourite aspects about Mathletics is that it enables teachers to generate reports so we can see strengths and weaknesses within activities that our students have completed, and that students are able to access it where ever in the world they may be – home, school, friends, or even on holidays if they wish.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Henk Bertelink – Springbank School, Kerikeri

I have been a maths teacher since 1997 and taught in the Netherlands till 2014 in all the different years and levels of the Dutch school system (Y8 – Y13). I came to NZ in January 2014 and became straight away enthusiastic about Mathletics. I have seen that Mathletics improves the maths skills of the students. As HOD from the school I decided to implement this program for 1 lesson a week on the timetable for the classes I teach. My class results are really good and in my opinion partly because of the use of this program.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Chris Pike – West Park School, Wellington

I have been teaching for about 15 years and currently have a Year 3 class.  I have the pleasure of facilitating the implementation of Mathletics in our school in 2014.  Mathletics is like a one-stop-shop for me.  It’s got everything I need and is a simple to maintain programme. The Certification process for me was a positive experience, full of reminders, achievement and development.  It’s not just the kids who love rewards for a job well done.  I would like to share that the whole experience was made better by the fantastic team behind the emails and phone calls.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Leanne Guyton – Springlands School, Blenheim

My passion in teaching is to allow every child to reach for their potential and provide them with an education that allows them to be adaptive and creative thinkers. I see our future students as needing to be problem solvers and work through numerous levels in tasks to reach endpoints and be able to collaborate with others to reach a solution. I see Mathletics as a tool to allow us to aid students in this.

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